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New: National Online Trainer List for OSHA Outreach Trainers

Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers are eligible to OPT in to receive referrals from the new OSHA Find a Trainer database

In order to OPT in you must:

  • Have a current trainer status

  • Must be registered in the CSUDH Outreach Trainer Portal

  • Have the most current and complete information on Trainer Portal

To OPT in: Log in to your Trainer Portal account.  Select TRAINER CONTACT INFORMATION from the left navigation after logging in.  Update the page to indicate you want to OPT in to receive referrals. Once updated be sure to save changes by clicking on the save button.

ONLINE DATABASE SYSTEM - Please read the following instructions

Setting up a New Account

  • Review the PowerPoint presentation located on the CSUDH website at  https://www5.csudh.edu/OSHA/trainers.html

  • Register by uploading the front and back of your trainer card and selecting the correct OSHA course number (i.e. OSHA 500 or 501)

  • Once processed, you will receive a temporary user name and password (allow 72 hours for processing)

  • If you forgot your password, please reset it (do not create a new account). Click here to reset it

  • The Outreach Trainer Portal works best with Google Chrome

  • We recommend that you complete a hard copy version of the Outreach Training Program Report (OTPR) since the portal only allows a 30-minute window to submit the information. Please keep this hard copy for your records.

  • The Outreach Trainer Portal will not accept the following: "~", "`". 

Outreach Trainers requesting Cal/OSHA Endorsement completion cards should do the following:

  • Upload your trainer card twice and selecting the correct Cal/OSHA course number (i.e. OSHA 5109 or 5119)

  • Select the appropriate designation when requesting your card (i.e. Cal/OSHA 10 Hour Construction)

  • Make sure to check of OSHA Alliance or Partnership box in section 8 and specify that the report is Cal/OSHA


  • All OSHA-Authorized Outreach trainers must begin the appropriate trainer update course prior to the expiration of their current authorization (There is no grace period)

  • Feel free to contact oshacards@csudh.edu for questions regarding card processing or trainer portal concerns (allow 72 hours)


Completion cards are printed once a week. 

  • Trainers must submit class documentation within 30 days of class completion in order to be issued course completion cards.

  • Trainers must provide student course completion cards to students within 30 days of receipt.

  • Trainers must issue student course completion cards directly to the student, regardless of who paid for the training. Cards must be sent to the student's address listed on the daily sign-in sheets or deliver to students directly. Trainers who fail to comply with this requirement may be subjected to corrective action by OSHA, up to and including the revocation of authorized trainer status.

  • Replacement of student course completion cards will not be issued if the training took place more than five years ago. Only one replacement may be issued per student.

  • The Outreach Training Program is voluntary and promotes workplace safety and health by training workers about employee rights, employer responsibilities, and workplace hazards. Visit OSHA's Outreach Training Program web page for more information.